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About Me

One of my running partners has an awesome running buddy who tags along or leads many ofBirdie2 our trail runs. Birdie can click off multiple 30mile days on mountain trails without missing a step. Now Birdie is a true running dog, half German Shepard, half Whippit and we think half Wolf. I really enjoy having Birdie on our runs, he adds an extra dimension only an over active dog can provide!

So I was wondering about running with my King Charles Spaniels, Beau and Graci (our rescue dog). As I browsed the internet for how to run with a dog, I   found an article here, a blog post there, and a couple of videos. But not one comprehensive source for how to run with a dog. As a result, I compiled all that information into what I call "The 5 Steps to Run with Your Dog". My hope is to share this with all runners who want to  learn how to run with their dog in a healthy and safe

Oh I almost forgot, I found that Beau and Graci are only good for about 1 mile runs. So we do a couple of short runs a week and I save the long ones for Birdie!

Author photoSherpaherb.